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shared projects registry

Every project starts with a mission. Our mission is to catalyze the shift to Web3 by creating the first decentralized registry to provide ongoing utility to the crypto community.



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Recent Projects

These projects were recently added by members of the community.

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Why curation

Everest is building toward a decentralized future where no privileged group has control over public data. Curation allows diverse stakeholders to agree on the contents of a shared registry with neutrality.

To add a project to the registry you must pay a 10 DAI listing fee. The listing fee helps ensure the list's quality.

Anyone can challenge a listing by putting DAI at stake. With these tools we can build consensus on a shared registry without giving anyone control over the data. Let the decentralized future begin!

Be part of conquering Everest!

Having a complete and up-to-date list of projects is a major achievement on the road to decentralization.

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